Cascade hop genome sequenced with PacBio long-reads, assembled with FALCON, and phased with FALCON-Unzip

         Download assembly     FASTA

Repeats identified with LTRharvest and RepeatMasker

         Download repeat coordinates     GFF

Gene models predicted with Augustus

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         Download gene GFF     GFF

         Repeat-filtered gene models

         Download repeat-filtered peptide sequences     FASTA

         Download repeat-filtered CDS     FASTA

RNA-seq aligned to primary contig assembly with HISAT2 and assembled into transcripts with StringTie

         Download merged StringTie transcripts from leaf, meristem, and stem     GFF3

         Download StringTie leaf transcript coordinates     GFF3

         Download StringTie meristem transcript coordinates     GFF3

         Download StringTie stem transcript coordinates     GFF3